Will The Nintendo Switch Stock Drive Demand Like The NES Classic Launch?

Win A Free Nintendo SwitchUnless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, I am sure you are aware that Nintendo announced and recently released a remake of its original gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The newly launched product, known ad the NES Classic was released on November 11, 2016, with a retail price tag of only $59.99.  Reports from sites like Amazon have claimed that orders came in so quickly that they sold out within the first few seconds of allowing orders.  In typical brick and mortar retail locations, the same thing can be said. Will the Nintendo Switch follow in the NES Classic release’s footsteps?

While we know that Nintendo has been hit or miss with some of its hardware releases in the past, we do know that by limiting supply it can help protect the company should a product completely bomb when it launches.  Unfortunately, Nintendo has struck again with the NES Classic and only released a limited quantity to retailers prior to the holiday season.  Nintendo did this also with the release of the Nintendo Wii which drove demand sky high for the product with some people having to wait for months in order to finally own a Wii.

While limited launches also have a benefit for Nintendo in the sense that it creates buzz about a product, honestly, the Nintendo Classic is now one of the most elusive must have gifts for this holiday season; it also hurts the consumer.  Due to the demand of the NES Classic, people who were lucky enough to snag one online or in a store are now trying to sell their consoles for over five times the asking price on sites like Amazon or eBay.  This is nothing new though as people are always looking for a way to make easy money online.  This occurred with the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3 when they both launched with limited supply.

The real question at hand is will Nintendo continue to release its hardware in limited supplies in an effort to create a stronger demand?  Will the Nintendo Switch become the next console that is difficult to purchase due to short supply and high demand?  The concept does help Nintendo in many ways; however the customer always ends up having to pay the price.  Whether it be shelling out a lot more money to purchase the Nintendo Switch second hand from an auction site or online retail store; or having to wait much longer than anticipated in order to finally play with the new device.  Hopefully Nintendo does better market research leading up to the release of the Nintendo Switch so that it ensures enough supply exists to meet the demand.

Still do this day, information about the Nintendo Switch is limited.  We are still just hearing rumors about the release date and the pricing structure.  Hopefully when Nintendo releases more information, they will be able to conduct better research to determine in advance how many units they will need to release to satisfy their fan base.  No one wants the market flooded with Nintendo Switch consoles like with what happened with the Wii U; we we also do not want to have to deal with such a limited quantity that only a lucky few will get the Nintendo Switch when it is released.

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