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See the Nintendo Switch on The Tonight ShowWhile the Nintendo Switch is still not scheduled to come out this year and details have been fairly scarce thus far, Nintendo did provided us with some new information yesterday on The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon.  When Reggie Fils-Aimé, the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Nintendo of America first appeared on the show last night it was to discuss the upcoming Super Mario Run game coming to iOS devices on December 15th.  As his time with Jimmy Fallon progressed we got so see the Nintendo Switch as well.

As The Tonight Show began talking about Super Mario Run, so shall we in this article.  Super Mario Run is an upcoming side scrolling game that will take you back to the origins of Super Mario Brothers.  The most revolutionary thing about Super Mario Run is not the game itself; however, the devices in which you will be playing the game on.  In the past the only way to play practically any of Nintendo’s intellectual property was to use a Nintendo console or portable system.  Super Mario Run was originally debuted at Apple’s press conference on September 8th 2016 which really shocked the world.  Super Mario Run is the first Mario game officially created and licensed for use on a non-Nintendo owned device.

During The Tonight Show, Reggie Fils-Aimé let Jimmy Fallon have a go at Super Mario Run on live television.  During the demo, Mr. Fils-Aimé broke down the game into three modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.  The Toad Rally mode allows you to play against other people, and the Kingdom Builder allows you to build you own custom levels similar to what you can do with Mario Maker.  Jimmy was able to play in the World Tour mode during the show.  The premise of the game follows what one would expect from earlier generations of Super Mario Brothers.  You try and avoid or attack enemies, collect coins and progress through the levels.  Super Mario Run has special coins which you can collect as well in each level.  The beauty of Super Mario Run is the simplicity of the controls.  Mario is constantly running without you having to press anything, all you need to do is make him jump.  While this does limit your actual control over the direction of Mario, it does make it very simple to navigate the game with only one hand.

After the Super Mario Run demo, Nintendo gave the world a sneak peak at the upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming console.  As mentioned previously on this site, the Nintendo Switch is the first console of its kind acting as a hybrid between being a home console and a portable gaming device.  Hiding under the Question Mark block on stage, Mr. Fils-Aimé revealed to Jimmy Fallon and the world a Nintendo Switch.  Mr. Fils-Aimé confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will be launching in March of 2017, and that more information would be released on January 12th of 2017.  Mr. Fils-Aimé then allowed Jimmy Fallon to play with the Nintendo Switch.  Jimmy got to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Mr. Fils-Aimé explained the open world nature of of the new Zelda game.  After taking out some bad guys using the docked switch console on the big screen, Mr. Fils-Aimé explained how simple it is to take the gaming with you and pulled out the table console and allowed Jimmy Fallow to play on the portable unit.

Jimmy Fallow geeked out a bit during the live demo of the Nintendo Switch as he has been a huge fan since he learned of the new device.  He showed off his knowledge of the portable tablet device by pulling out the kickstand and explaining how the side controller units can slide off to create controllers for two player games.  The demo was flawless in execution and shows how simple it is to truly take a game with you without having to put in really any effort.  Check out the video of the entire demo below.

We are looking forward to providing additional information about the Nintendo Switch as we learn more.  The Nintendo event where more additional details will be released is just over a month away and we are patiently waiting for that.  In the mean time, we are still allowing anyone to enter into our free Nintendo switch giveaway.  If you are as excited about the Nintendo Switch as we are, we high encourage you to enter our Nintendo Switch contest today!  It is completely free to join and only takes about a minute or so to enter.  Once you join the Nintendo Switch giveaway, all you need to do is promote the contest on sites you probably already use every day.  The more you promote the contest, the more points you earn.  You can win a free Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, or an Amazon gift card.  The sooner you join the more time you have to start earning points to qualify for our prizes.

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