Nintendo Teases Switch Price and Launch Lineup

Enter to win a free Nintendo Switch ConsoleWhile Nintendo only just officially released information about their new Switch console a little over a week ago, fans and skeptics alike were given a bit of a tease in regards to the price of the new Nintendo Switch when it launches in April of 2017. Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima briefly covered the price during an earnings briefing. While nothing specific was stated, he did say that the pricing for the Nintendo Switch console would be in line with what you would expect from Nintendo. Historically Nintendo consoles have been much lower in cost compared to that of Sony or Microsoft which should make people happy if pricing history continues to repeat itself. When the Wii was originally launched, it sold for around $250.00, and the Wii U launched around $300.00.

Nintendo president has also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will not be sold for a loss like some systems in the past.  Companies have sold systems for less than what they cost to produce in hopes to make their money back from the gaming titles that accompany the console.  This might be one of the reasons people are calling the Nintendo Switch a make or break system for Nintendo.  If the Wii U was not touted as a huge success and didn’t sell very well, it makes sense that Nintendo does not want to lose money on this next gen console.  Nintendo doesn’t seem to be placing a lot of bets on it’s exclusive intellectual property anymore in order to drive sales demand for the gaming consoles.  At one point Nintendo was king with Mario and Zelda; however, things have changed now that Sony and Microsoft have dominated the gaming market with their own consoles and exclusive games.

In terms of launch titles for the Nintendo Switch, the only thing that has been officially confirmed is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  If you look at the introduction video that Nintendo released for the Switch though, you can find teasers for games such as Mario Kart, Splatoon, and what looks to be a new 3D Mario game.  Other games included in the trailers appeared to be Skyrim and NBA 2K.  According to Game Spot, Nintendo will release more information in January of 2017 relating to launch titles and an official price for the console.

Hopefully when the Nintendo Switch comes out next year, it will sell for under $400.00.  The nice thing about the Nintendo Switch is it is almost like two systems in one.  Given that the system docks to a television and can be played like most gaming consoles on the market make it your traditional console.  If however you wanted to take your gaming experience with you, it switches into a high end portable gaming unit more more powerful than anything Nintendo has released in the past.  Even at a guessed price of $400.00, the Nintendo Switch would be priced well for two systems in one.

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