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The world had been waiting for years to hear about Nintendo’s next generation console.  For quite a while gamers and the media had referred to it as the Nintendo NX console with a ton of rumors floating around which laid out interesting theories.  The biggest theory turned out to be true when Nintendo finally released some information about the new console.  For quite some time, people speculated that the new system would work as a typical gaming console did whereby you hook it up to a television, power it up and you get to play your games on your television.  What set this system apart from the norm of gaming consoles was that it was also rumored to be extremely portable in the sense that you could grab the console and take it with you and still be able to play your games without the need to be tethered to a television.  When Nintendo introduced the world to the Nintendo Switch on October 20th, 2016, we finally got our confirmation of how unique and portable the next generation Nintendo system would be.

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While the details of the Nintendo Switch are still limited, be sure to check us frequently for updated information as we get it.  Currently, the system is rumored to appear in March of 2017 but we are not sure of other details as of yet.  Rest assured, as more details are revealed, we will post updates below this post.  We are very excited to provide this giveaway as well as updates on this revolutionary new console.

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