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The world had been waiting for years to hear about Nintendo’s next generation console.  For quite a while gamers and the media had referred to it as the Nintendo NX console with a ton of rumors floating around which laid out interesting theories.  The biggest theory turned out to be true when Nintendo finally released some information about the new console.  For quite some time, people speculated that the new system would work as a typical gaming console did whereby you hook it up to a television, power it up and you get to play your games on your television.  What set this system apart from the norm of gaming consoles was that it was also rumored to be extremely portable in the sense that you could grab the console and take it with you and still be able to play your games without the need to be tethered to a television.  When Nintendo introduced the world to the Nintendo Switch on October 20th, 2016, we finally got our confirmation of how unique and portable the next generation Nintendo system would be.

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While the details of the Nintendo Switch are still limited, be sure to check us frequently for updated information as we get it.  Currently, the system is rumored to appear in March of 2017 but we are not sure of other details as of yet.  Rest assured, as more details are revealed, we will post updates below this post.  We are very excited to provide this giveaway as well as updates on this revolutionary new console.

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The Free Nintendo Switch Giveaway Winners

Wow oh wow…what a contest this free Nintendo Switch giveaway has been!  It seems like just yesterday Nintendo had hosted its Nintendo Switch tree house event debuting the console to the world!  I’m sure our contestants who actively promoted this Nintendo Switch giveaway contest for months on end have been anxiously awaiting our contest deadline.

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Nintendo Switch Grand Prize Winner – Chap Balfer

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Amazon Giftcard Winner – Anna Donaldson

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How to watch the Nintendo Switch event

Watch The Nintendo Switch EventThe time is finally upon us to learn more about Nintendo’s next generation console, the Nintendo Switch.  On January 13th, Nintendo is hosting an event in Japan, which means folks in the United States can check out the event on January 12th, in the evening.  For those of you on the east coast, you can check out the Nintendo Switch event beginning around 11:00 PM tonight, and for those on the west coast, tune in at 8:00 PM.  Following the main event, Nintendo is also going to be hosting a Tree House conference covering additional information related to the Nintendo Switch.  This will be broadcast on January 13th at 9:30 AM Eastern, 6:30 AM Pacific.

If you are interested in checking out these events, you can tune in to the press conference by visiting Nintendo’s official Twitch or YouTube feeds.  This conference should finally provide us with some much anticipated information.  Hopefully Nintendo will officially discuss the launch date, launch lineup, as well as the pricing behind the new Nintendo Switch console.  It is expected to see some new game play videos and demos as well.  No matter the cost, remember you can always win a free Nintendo Switch right here by entering our giveaway!

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New Details Released On The Tonight Show

See the Nintendo Switch on The Tonight ShowWhile the Nintendo Switch is still not scheduled to come out this year and details have been fairly scarce thus far, Nintendo did provided us with some new information yesterday on The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon.  When Reggie Fils-Aimé, the President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Nintendo of America first appeared on the show last night it was to discuss the upcoming Super Mario Run game coming to iOS devices on December 15th.  As his time with Jimmy Fallon progressed we got so see the Nintendo Switch as well.

As The Tonight Show began talking about Super Mario Run, so shall we in this article.  Super Mario Run is an upcoming side scrolling game that will take you back to the origins of Super Mario Brothers.  The most revolutionary thing about Super Mario Run is not the game itself; however, the devices in which you will be playing the game on.  In the past the only way to play practically any of Nintendo’s intellectual property was to use a Nintendo console or portable system.  Super Mario Run was originally debuted at Apple’s press conference on September 8th 2016 which really shocked the world.  Super Mario Run is the first Mario game officially created and licensed for use on a non-Nintendo owned device.

During The Tonight Show, Reggie Fils-Aimé let Jimmy Fallon have a go at Super Mario Run on live television.  During the demo, Mr. Fils-Aimé broke down the game into three modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.  The Toad Rally mode allows you to play against other people, and the Kingdom Builder allows you to build you own custom levels similar to what you can do with Mario Maker.  Jimmy was able to play in the World Tour mode during the show.  The premise of the game follows what one would expect from earlier generations of Super Mario Brothers.  You try and avoid or attack enemies, collect coins and progress through the levels.  Super Mario Run has special coins which you can collect as well in each level.  The beauty of Super Mario Run is the simplicity of the controls.  Mario is constantly running without you having to press anything, all you need to do is make him jump.  While this does limit your actual control over the direction of Mario, it does make it very simple to navigate the game with only one hand.

After the Super Mario Run demo, Nintendo gave the world a sneak peak at the upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming console.  As mentioned previously on this site, the Nintendo Switch is the first console of its kind acting as a hybrid between being a home console and a portable gaming device.  Hiding under the Question Mark block on stage, Mr. Fils-Aimé revealed to Jimmy Fallon and the world a Nintendo Switch.  Mr. Fils-Aimé confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will be launching in March of 2017, and that more information would be released on January 12th of 2017.  Mr. Fils-Aimé then allowed Jimmy Fallon to play with the Nintendo Switch.  Jimmy got to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  Mr. Fils-Aimé explained the open world nature of of the new Zelda game.  After taking out some bad guys using the docked switch console on the big screen, Mr. Fils-Aimé explained how simple it is to take the gaming with you and pulled out the table console and allowed Jimmy Fallow to play on the portable unit.

Jimmy Fallow geeked out a bit during the live demo of the Nintendo Switch as he has been a huge fan since he learned of the new device.  He showed off his knowledge of the portable tablet device by pulling out the kickstand and explaining how the side controller units can slide off to create controllers for two player games.  The demo was flawless in execution and shows how simple it is to truly take a game with you without having to put in really any effort.  Check out the video of the entire demo below.

We are looking forward to providing additional information about the Nintendo Switch as we learn more.  The Nintendo event where more additional details will be released is just over a month away and we are patiently waiting for that.  In the mean time, we are still allowing anyone to enter into our free Nintendo switch giveaway.  If you are as excited about the Nintendo Switch as we are, we high encourage you to enter our Nintendo Switch contest today!  It is completely free to join and only takes about a minute or so to enter.  Once you join the Nintendo Switch giveaway, all you need to do is promote the contest on sites you probably already use every day.  The more you promote the contest, the more points you earn.  You can win a free Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, or an Amazon gift card.  The sooner you join the more time you have to start earning points to qualify for our prizes.


Will The Nintendo Switch Stock Drive Demand Like The NES Classic Launch?

Win A Free Nintendo SwitchUnless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, I am sure you are aware that Nintendo announced and recently released a remake of its original gaming console, the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The newly launched product, known ad the NES Classic was released on November 11, 2016, with a retail price tag of only $59.99.  Reports from sites like Amazon have claimed that orders came in so quickly that they sold out within the first few seconds of allowing orders.  In typical brick and mortar retail locations, the same thing can be said. Will the Nintendo Switch follow in the NES Classic release’s footsteps?

While we know that Nintendo has been hit or miss with some of its hardware releases in the past, we do know that by limiting supply it can help protect the company should a product completely bomb when it launches.  Unfortunately, Nintendo has struck again with the NES Classic and only released a limited quantity to retailers prior to the holiday season.  Nintendo did this also with the release of the Nintendo Wii which drove demand sky high for the product with some people having to wait for months in order to finally own a Wii.

While limited launches also have a benefit for Nintendo in the sense that it creates buzz about a product, honestly, the Nintendo Classic is now one of the most elusive must have gifts for this holiday season; it also hurts the consumer.  Due to the demand of the NES Classic, people who were lucky enough to snag one online or in a store are now trying to sell their consoles for over five times the asking price on sites like Amazon or eBay.  This is nothing new though as people are always looking for a way to make easy money online.  This occurred with the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3 when they both launched with limited supply.

The real question at hand is will Nintendo continue to release its hardware in limited supplies in an effort to create a stronger demand?  Will the Nintendo Switch become the next console that is difficult to purchase due to short supply and high demand?  The concept does help Nintendo in many ways; however the customer always ends up having to pay the price.  Whether it be shelling out a lot more money to purchase the Nintendo Switch second hand from an auction site or online retail store; or having to wait much longer than anticipated in order to finally play with the new device.  Hopefully Nintendo does better market research leading up to the release of the Nintendo Switch so that it ensures enough supply exists to meet the demand.

Still do this day, information about the Nintendo Switch is limited.  We are still just hearing rumors about the release date and the pricing structure.  Hopefully when Nintendo releases more information, they will be able to conduct better research to determine in advance how many units they will need to release to satisfy their fan base.  No one wants the market flooded with Nintendo Switch consoles like with what happened with the Wii U; we we also do not want to have to deal with such a limited quantity that only a lucky few will get the Nintendo Switch when it is released.

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Nintendo Teases Switch Price and Launch Lineup

Enter to win a free Nintendo Switch ConsoleWhile Nintendo only just officially released information about their new Switch console a little over a week ago, fans and skeptics alike were given a bit of a tease in regards to the price of the new Nintendo Switch when it launches in April of 2017. Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima briefly covered the price during an earnings briefing. While nothing specific was stated, he did say that the pricing for the Nintendo Switch console would be in line with what you would expect from Nintendo. Historically Nintendo consoles have been much lower in cost compared to that of Sony or Microsoft which should make people happy if pricing history continues to repeat itself. When the Wii was originally launched, it sold for around $250.00, and the Wii U launched around $300.00.

Nintendo president has also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will not be sold for a loss like some systems in the past.  Companies have sold systems for less than what they cost to produce in hopes to make their money back from the gaming titles that accompany the console.  This might be one of the reasons people are calling the Nintendo Switch a make or break system for Nintendo.  If the Wii U was not touted as a huge success and didn’t sell very well, it makes sense that Nintendo does not want to lose money on this next gen console.  Nintendo doesn’t seem to be placing a lot of bets on it’s exclusive intellectual property anymore in order to drive sales demand for the gaming consoles.  At one point Nintendo was king with Mario and Zelda; however, things have changed now that Sony and Microsoft have dominated the gaming market with their own consoles and exclusive games.

In terms of launch titles for the Nintendo Switch, the only thing that has been officially confirmed is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  If you look at the introduction video that Nintendo released for the Switch though, you can find teasers for games such as Mario Kart, Splatoon, and what looks to be a new 3D Mario game.  Other games included in the trailers appeared to be Skyrim and NBA 2K.  According to Game Spot, Nintendo will release more information in January of 2017 relating to launch titles and an official price for the console.

Hopefully when the Nintendo Switch comes out next year, it will sell for under $400.00.  The nice thing about the Nintendo Switch is it is almost like two systems in one.  Given that the system docks to a television and can be played like most gaming consoles on the market make it your traditional console.  If however you wanted to take your gaming experience with you, it switches into a high end portable gaming unit more more powerful than anything Nintendo has released in the past.  Even at a guessed price of $400.00, the Nintendo Switch would be priced well for two systems in one.

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